At the Café La Parada de Bilbao you will find many suggestions for your needs at any time of day.

From 6 am in the Café La Parada de Bilbao we wait for you with our delicious breakfasts consisted of homemade baking and many spanish omelets, which you can combine with our range of tea and coffee made with the best possible care and professionalism.

If you want to have fun with your family or friends, have a rest trying our variety of snacks, the café La Parada de Bilbao is perfect for you.

You will be amazed with our wine selection: Riojas, Riberas, Verdejos, Albariños, Godeios, Moscatos, Navarros, Mistelas…

You will enjoy our imported beers and our -2 degrees cane is ideal thirst-quenching as well as our snacks, both modern and classic, which we daily vary.

If your’re hungry, we have a separate menu apart from the restaurant’s menu which you can enjoy in the café or in our wonderful terrace if you prefer.