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Menu for 1 november

Menu for 1 november

  • Homemade seafood cream.
  • Pulled pork and pickled onion risotto.
  • Cod with baked potatoes.
  • Fried egg dish with black sauce and green peppers.
  • Ox tongue in sauce.
  • Special: Grilled veal entrecote with red peppers. (Supplement+3€)
  • Cheesecake, rice pudding, custard, yogurt or seasonal fruit.

Vegan menu for 1 november

  • Artichoke green curry
  • Homemade mushroom and wild mushroom lasagne.
  • Vegan homemade dessert.

21,50 €

Pan, agua e IVA Incluido.
Cune Crianza D.O.Ca. Rioja 9,95€