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In la Parada de Bilbao, we have a wide selection of snacks that we vary daily. You’ll find from traditional snacks such as bread stuffed with Iberian cured ham and Bonito Cantabrian Tuna combined with local products, to author’s snacks innovated by our Chef.

We have a wide range of omelets made with farm eggs, which vary constantly, as well as a variety of refrigerated sandwiches to obtain a better conservation made with fresh products.

In la Parada de Bilbao you’ll find a wide range of high quality cakes, homemade pastries, and the today so trendy cupcakes that you’ll be able to enjoy with your breakfast, lunch or diner.

Some of our snacks

Baked bread with Parseano cheese and Eggplant

Prawn and Mushroom omelette

Duck foie with jelly candy and grilled mushroom

Iberian cured ham with green pepper

Squid with poached onion

Vegetable tempura on a bed of mushrooms

Octopus with pepper and olive premium oil

Iberian cured ham croquettes

Selection of snacks